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St Patrick's Day Piano Games

Just wanted to share a few pics of some of favorite St Patrick's Day games for the piano students. The games are available on susanparadis.com, sarasmusicstudio.com, cmajorlearning.com (through teacherpaysteacher.com). From Composing, Grand Staff, Piano Keys, Intervals, rhythms, each game is filled with fun and learning. Check each of these games for your St Patrick's Day fun. Enjoy.

Shamrock Notes

One of my many favorite piano staff games that uses skittles. The object of the game is each person gets a board (laminated ones are great options) and they pick a card from the deck. They will put a skittle on the Grand Staff, take another persons skittle, give a skittle away, eat certain colored skittles and other fun options. Susan Paradis is the creator of the game and it's a favorite no matter what time of year it is. If you don't have or enjoy the taste of skittles, you can use M&M's or for kids who have allergies or parents don't want their kids to have candy, consider using legos. Whoever has the most skittles on their board is the winner. Plus at the end of the game, we race to see

Fractions and Decimals

Here's a small fun script about fractions and decimals, for all our math friends. Enjoy.

Charlie and Chocolate Factory 2018 Summer Camp

February first is the day that five fictional characters went to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, according to Roald Dahl's book. Here is quick video of some of the fun things we do last summer. Enjoy.

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