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Two More Music Theater Camps

If you are interested or know of someone who is, please contact me. Would enjoy helping you succeed. I can humbly say, those who participate will have a blast. Thanks for your support.

Charlie and Chocolate Factory Camp

Please check out this opportunity to do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory agin, since they didn't have enough sign up last time. So the Parks and Rec are trying to see if we can do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again next week. At this point they have 1 signed up. We need 8 all together for the show to work. Please go ahead and go to the Parks and Rec Website and sign up. Everyone who comes will have a blast. Thanks for your support.

Newsies Camp 2019

Newsies Camp starts on Monday, June 17th-21st from 1-3pm in the Delano area. The cost is $50 for ages 5 and up. Would love to have you. Contact me @ andrew.young@mail.com Thanks for your support. Come learn basics about music theater and share what you will learn at the end of the week. Thanks for your support.

Upcoming Camps

Just wanted to share that the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Camp for the Rec Center was cancelled due to not enough people signing up. Oh well God is still good. With that said, they are still offering the Wizard of Oz July 8th-12th from 10am-noon. If you know of anyone who is interested, go ahead and sign up through the Rec Center. Also don't forget that June 17th-21st is our studio's Newsies camp from 1-3 at our house in Delano. Would love to have you participate. The age is from 5 years old to adults and the cost is $50 a person. Even if you don't have music theater experience, you're welcome. Really looking forward to the Newsies camp. Come ready to learn and experience something bey

Wacky Imagination Summer Project

This summer our studio is doing a fun Wacky Imagination Summer Project. The students will share music that's "wacky, silly, just plan fun." Some of the student will be doing acting parts from Mary Poppins (the Original movie), sing and play songs from Mary Poppins Returns. I'm so excited about the opportunity to see what the students will demonstrate and share. No matter what you do, always use your imagination and creativity. In fact I posted a quote on the studio FB page from Walt Disney where he started: "Imagination has no age." Always use your imagination. You never know what you can create. Thanks for your support.

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