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Connect the Chord (Scrabble Chord Game)

I'm always looking for new ways to help students succeed to their ultimate potential. Especially when it comes to chords. I came across this game a few years and finally printed it off earlier this year. The game is called Connect the Chord on Pianimation.com. Jennifer Fink shared an amazing way to learn chords that are so helpful and fun where teaching chords. it's just like scrabble, yet you create chords. One of the students decided he wanted to create as many 13th chords as possible, even though we haven't talked about it much. He put as many notes on the scrabble board and when it found others, he created 13th chords. Not sure if I created a "monster", yet he was inspired to try it. Loo

Christmas Music

So this week I shares some ideas for Christmas music for the students to work on. Had a few of them say it's not even Halloween and others who were so excited to get stared. Got a text from a grandparent saying that as soon the student got home, she was practicing on an arrangement of Carol of the Bells. She would not stop playing. I was so proud as a teacher to inspire a student to play through a song that's a bit bigger than were she's at in her book, yet was willing to go home and play the song as much as possible. Inspiration is one of the best options we can give our students. Always inspire them to do music that will provide "opportunities" and see what will happen. Keep playing and in

Halloween Vocal Warm Ups

It's that time of the year where the studio is having so much fun with Fall, Football and Halloween Warm Ups. Including some of my favorites: Football Fumble at the Fourth and Forty and Freaky Friday. We have tons of fun with warm ups. The past couple weeks we've used some of my favorite warm ups. Check out the free ones from Sara's Music Studio and fullvoice.com. These creative ideas will enhance your students vocal abilities, plus they are tons of fun to sing. Check them out. What are some of your favorite fall warms ups? Would certainly like to hear. Thanks for your support and hope you have a great day singing.

Heroes and Villains Event

When it comes to creating some fun Halloween and Fall Events, think about some of the famous heroes and villains. Whether you're thinking Disney cartoons, Avengers, Super Heroes (old and new), even famous people from literature. Whether you are thinking of the main characters from The Lord of the Rings, Trolls, A Wrinkle in Time, The Wizard of Oz and many other protagonist and antagonist who have been created by amazing minds. Heroes and Villains are everywhere, making us stop and think about what type of people we want to be. This weekend our students will be sharing some of their favorite heroes like Spider Man, Super Mario, Paw Patrol, James Bond. A vocal student will be singing a fun son

Waldorf and Statford

The famous Muppet hecklers are back. The brother duo Waldolf and Starler, made the Muppets more funnier. In fact, Jim Henson was the voice of Waldolf. Hope you get a good laugh out of what we did. Enjoy.

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