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Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Our studio is so blessed to have you in our community. We hope that you had an amazing day with your family and friends. This pic of the Muppets Thanksgiving is a reminder that our studio has been working on excerpts of A Muppets Christmas Carol. We're so excited about the opportunity to share some of Charles Dickens story about a man who makes a complete 180 degree change overnight. The Muppets Christmas Carol has become a staple in our home that we constantly love to watch. The Muppets, the costuming, the music, sets, sceneries are beyond imagination. Of course they have their own Muppet humor and facial expressions. Again, we

Rhythm Cups

One of my many favorite rhythm concepts is rhythm cups, created by Wendy Stevens at composecreate.com. The concept started with Rich Mullen's Screen Door on a Submarine, where he and his band sang a song while demonstrating rhythms with solo cups. Check out the YouTube of them doing it. Watching them is tons of fun. Of course the same rhythm pattern was introduced with the explosion of Pitch Perfect, a girls acapella group that sings pop songs, utilizing solo cups. Cup rhythms have taken off in such a great day. If you are not using them for your lessons, please check out composecreate.com. Today I want to share about the Christmas options that are on Wendy Stevens website. Last year our stu

Save the Turkey

Just love this time of the year as we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a time to reflect on all the many ways to be thankful. Plus I also enjoy playing some of my favorite Thanksgiving Piano Games, which include Save the Turkey from susanparadis.com. She has 4 levels from piano keys to intermediate. The students have been enjoying this game. They pick a card to figure out what the musical concept is and put it into a pile. Yet the best part is she put turkeys into the card deck. So whoever saves the most the turkeys, is the winner. My students have been loving the game. Really thankful for Susan's willingness to create games that are beneficial to students learning and what they

National Anthem

Yesterday I had a chance to sing the Star Spangled Banner at our local hockey team, which was on my bucket list. It was the first time I've ever been blessed to sing he National Anthem by myself that I can recall. The opportunity was filled with nerves and excitement at the same time. Having a gamut of emotions at the same time is a bit odd for me. Yet the chance was incredible. After I sang, my wife and a new friend who works for the team, asked how it felt. Was it everything I wanted. To answer at the moment, I of course said yes. Yet after thinking through it later, this weekend and Monday is a time to honor our Veterans who have served our county. It made me appreciate not only the men a

Toccata in D Minor J. S Bach

Bach out did himself when he wrote Toccata in D Minor, since it's such a popular song for Halloween time. Really enjoy this arrangement by James Bastien, where he demonstrated amazing dynamic contrasts and fun triplet rhythms. Really enjoy this arrangement to teach and of course play. It's tons of fun. If you don't have this arrangement, add it to your repertoire. Hope you enjoy this fun song. Thanks for your support.

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