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Jim Henson quote

We have been a bit "obsessed" with Jim Henson, the Muppets, Sesame Street. We've been watching Muppet movies, the kids are putting on puppets shows and I've been trying to read as I can about the life of Henson. His goal is life was to make a difference in this world. His quote caught my attention about using your resources and flying with them. Do your best with what you have. That's the goal. When I get a chance, I'll share more about it. In the meantime take you got and fly.

Winter Games

Just wanted to share some of my favorite winter games from learning piano keys, notes on the staff and chords are tons of fun for the students to learn. They enjoy the games so much. The snowman, Winter Olympic and Penguin cards are from Wendy Stevens (composecreate.com). The snowman with the broken and solid chords I found on pintrest, yet not sure who put created it. I created he snowflakes that have notes from Bass Clef F(4th line) to Treble Clef G (2nd line). Oh and marshmallows work very well with games during the winter time. Of course you know that. What are some of your favorite winter games you like to enjoy? Would certainly enjoy knowing what you're doing. Thanks for your support.

Learning to Play Happy Birthday

Start writing your post here. You can insert images and videos by clicking on the icons above. One of the teachers I do some accompanying this year stated that she thinks here choir needs to sings Happy Birthday in harmony. That inspired me after almost 9 years of teaching and owning the business, that my piano students need to learn how to play the popular song because everyone knows someone who has a birthday in their life. So why not teach them. The past couple weeks have been fun to share such a popular song. In fact some of the students have stated that they have always wanted to learn. Over the years I've collected songs from Carol Matz, Jennifer Eklund, James King III, Gilbert DeBened

Softly Falling Snow

One of my favorite winter songs is called Softly Falling Snow created by Mary Leaf. Her arrangement represents what falling snow might sound like on the piano. The melody is very lyrical and beautiful. The "B section" is more upbeat and dramatic, as the snow is falling. There are so many favorite parts, yet I really enjoy the dynamics of the piece and the different tempo changes. if you are looking for a fun, gorgeous intermediate piano solo, please check it out. You will not be disappointed. Exceptional job Mary Leaf.

Starting 2020 Lessons

Potentials Music, a local company that provides voice, piano and acting lessons, is now opened for business. I'm looking forward to seeing what the students will accomplish in 2020. If you or you know of anyone who might be interested in voice, piano and acting lessons, would love to have a chance to talk to you. You can also check out on FB, Instagram and Twitter for more information. Thanks for support and hope you have an amazing day.

A New Year

Happy New Year. Hoping and praying that 2020 is amazing, filled with incredible blessings and surprises from God. We're so grateful to have you in our lives. Have a great day.

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