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Piano Fingering

Recently I've been working on helping students with fingering issues, like when they don't use their thumb or pinky, especially when the song has five notes. For example, if a song has CDEFG, I try to get all of their fingers on those notes to help them succeed. At times, some of the students are concerned, yet I reassure them that to play music well they need to use all five fingers. I share with them at times, I put "invisible gorilla glue" on their fingers and have them put their fingers on the keys. Kids actually like that idea. It seems to help them better. So what I'm trying to do is figure out other ways to help them succeed. What do you suggest? I've used with beginners printed off h

Candy Land Piano Game

Many years ago I came across the idea of using the game board of Candy Land through laytonmusic.wordpress.com. The idea takes the original game and adds notes on the Grand Staff, piano keys and a few basic music theory concepts of dynamics and clefs. What an amazing idea. If you're not using it in your studio, please check out it. Games boards are available at Target and they are usually have a great deal. The classic game of reaching to King Kandy's Castle, with the colorful rectangles, Nana's Nut House, Frost Palace, Peppermint Forest and few other places really brings out the child in you. When you go to Laytons website, find the game, print off the game cards on colorful card stock. Lami

Peter Rabbit Movie

A few years ago Peter Rabbit came out as a movie to share about the adventures of Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton Tail and Cousin Benjamin. Our kids are obsessed with the film, that I bought it for our daughters birthday. They really like the comedy and animation. As an acting teacher, the film certain has a lot of physical comedy, a technique that requires focus and stamina. The actors usually are talking to "air, nothing", which can be a bit odd, yet it's possible to work on. With improv games of imaginary objects, the student is able to create a story that is believable to the audience. Also physical comedy helps the actor or actress when they step on a rake, trap or pretend that "rabbit" is

Valentine's Games

This week stated some of our favorite piano Valentines Games. The students have fun with the heart rhythms, Grand Staff, intervals and chord games. Some are from teacherpayteacher and Susan Paradis. The recourses are incredible. Plus the students really enjoy having a fun time with the games. What are you playing this week and next? Do you pass out Valentines to your students? Do you give them a small sweet treat? I'm going pass out Valentines this year. Would love to hear what you are doing to inspire your students. Thanks for your support.

Puppet Mania

Recently our acting student John and I have been trying to learn more about theater options. After obtaining some puppet, we have decided to education ourselves about how puppets work and how to utilize the puppets correctly. So thankful for a chance to try and learn something. In the past as a late teen and early 20's, our church decided to use puppets for events. I'm thankful for the previous experiences that have been helpful for both of us. We created some videos this week. This is is called Good Friends. It's a funny script about a friend who wants some extra money and how the other friend decides to handle the situation. Very silly. Hope you enjoy it. I'm trying to learn some new thing

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