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Colors of the Wind

This week a student shared a great Faber arrangement of Color of the Wind from Pocahontas, from the Disney ShowTime Piano Level 2A. She really likes this song and we decided that she would make a video, to share. Hope you like this arrangement. So proud of her. Keep up the amazing work. Blessings.

I Need Thee Every Hour

Here is another hymn arrangement that has been ministering to me while in quarantine. I Need Thee Every Hour by Robert Lowery, is an incredible reminder of how much we need God everyday. The arrangement through Piano Pronto by Christina Mathis is filled with a the precious and sacred melody that will lift your spirits in times of uncertainty. The arrangement is in the key of F, yet it starts with an ascending C scale that includes a set of 5 and 6 sixteenth note set (as each set represent 1 beat) to be included in the scale. What a great opportunity to continue working on scales. The rest is very calm and relaxing, leading into an incredible array of color and texture that will make you and

What a Friend We Have In Jesus

Growing up in a small Baptist Church, hymns were so prominent in the services. I was the one who shared more "modern worship" when I was there. Yet I can say that recently I've been working on some hymn arrangements that have been ministering to me. This song by Charles C. Converse and this one is arranged by Sarah Reaser O'Brien, from Piano Pronto. The melody is so gorgeous, filled with musical surprises that will keep the listener engaged through the entire song. The song starts out with the familiar melody, yet it filled with chords that are not part of the keys of F and G. I always like when a composer adds different tones and chords that are not part of the key signature. That always ge

Have you heard of Stelios Kerasidis?

This week I had a friend share a video of a young boy who is playing a song called Isolation Song, which he composed. I have never heard of him until this week, yet I was so blessed and encouraged by his abilities and talents. The sounds he produced from the piano are so mature, lovely, empowering and filled with such beauty. I'm so mesmerized by his level of skill at such a young age. How I'm looking forward to hearing more from Stelios Kerasidis, a young composer. Plus I just started following him on YouTube and Instagram. Hope it blesses you as. it did me. Play on. Blessings.


With all the online lessons, I've been using more notecards to keep track of what each student is working on. So I put their "assignments" on the card, which I put their music and scripts and keep in draws I got from Sam's a few years ago. Know it sounds silly, yet it is really helping me keep track of everyone. What are you using? How do you keep track of their work in this time? Would love to know how you're doing it. I'm still learning everyday on to do online lessons. Thanks for your support. Blessings and thanks for your support.

Happy Easter

The song Rise Again, by Dallas Holms is a favorite of mine growing up as a kid in a small Baptist church. I remember hearing my Dad sing it and when I was able to learn how to play and sing this song, I knew it would always be a favorite. Came across the song again recently and decided with the recent Easter season coming this Sunday, I thought I would make a video. The song shares about Jesus' life, where although people mocked Him for the boldest statement "I'm God's Son". Yet He was and still is. The lyrics are profound and to the point of what He would do to save all people from their sins, no matter what. I hope that you enjoy this song and take time to reflect up the true meaning of Ea

Student shared song in time of crisis

One of our voice students created a song called You Will Never Fail. He created this song to encourage everyone that no matter what God never fails. He is always with us, taking exceptional care of all people. Please check it out. Think it will bless and encourage you in this time. This is one of my favorite moments is when the students create music or scripts. Stay safe and healthy. Blessings.

Scanned Items

With the recent online lessons, I've learned how to keep track of all the scanned items, that I've sent to parents and students for their lessons. Once I scan a song or script from a book, then I title the scan and put it into the new file called scanned on the computer. Think this will save on time for another student and parent. I'm still learning. What are you doing to keep track of your scanned items? Just curious. Thanks for your support.

Some of the Free Games Explained

Just wanted to explain about some of the games I shared on the Free Resources. Hope this helps. The first game is a 2 and 3 set piano race. It's a game for those of you who start students on the black keys first. The game is simple to play. You will need to print off the cards on card stock and possibly laminate them. You and the student(s) will get a lego or small game piece to place at the left side of the piano. If you pick a card with a 2 or 3 set, you move to the one that is closest to you. The action cards give the game some extra twists and turns. The kids love the Teacher Loses a Turn Card, since they get an extra turn. Whoever reaches to the top 3 set wins. The game brings so many s

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