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Lead Sheets

If you had asked me 9 1/2 years if I would ever teach lead sheets, I'd think it's possible, yet not sure. Especially since most of the lead sheets I've encountered are bigger and longer songs with various chords. Yet after researching, I came across an easy idea from teachpianotoday.com. What a life saver. In fact I recently shared some of the lead sheets last weekend and this week with students responding positively. What a blessing. The book I purchased recently is called Cob Webster Lead Sheet and I must say that it has made lessons even more fun as students feel like they are succeeding playing a melody in the right hand and basic chords in the left hand. The Cob Webster focuses on 3 sec

Hop and Bop

During the quarantine Piano Pronto has been sharing a major amount of free songs for piano teachers, as we prepared for months at home. What a blessing to have beginner to advanced piano music for our studios. Thanks Jennifer. What a blessing. One of the many songs is a short song called Hop and Bop a fun, cute, easy song that uses 2nds and 3rds together, playing an octave higher and lower, simple dynamics and actually sounds like a fun 50's song. If you're looking for short 2 page song that students would love check out this song. My students are actually loving the song and asking for more on this level. Hope this helps your students succeed. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

New Halloween Song Ideas

Last week I obtained some newer books to our studio. When I get a chance, I'll share more about the books, yet wanted to bring these ideas to your attention as you might be preparing for a Fall Event. Both of the books are from KJOS called Monster Jam (Kristen Allred) and Creatures of the Night (Deborah Brady). I'll share a quick overview of the books, which have so many fun ideas that would be used year round. Monster Jam is a great Late Elementary Book with some fun artwork that will get students attention. The songs include tunes similar to 50's and 60's Rock, Blues and Groove. Titles include Monsters' Waltz (tons of fun to play), Dracula Getting' Down, March of the Zombies and more. Some

Piano Keys Ice Cream Game

Ice cream is a huge part of our lives, no matter what season. You might think that we're a bit off, yet we even like ice cream in the winter time. I know, weird. Yet I have to share a fun ice cream game that has been a hit for many years. This summer I've had a chance to play a game from laytonpiano@wordpress.com that is still a favorite no matter how many years go by. The game is fun for everyone learning piano keys, which is great no matter what age. Once you go to Layton Music look in the search of Ice Cream and you will find the matching game with cones that have A-G and ice cream scoops of the piano keys in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Print the game off, laminate if you can and c

Short Piano Song

The last couple months I've realized that right now I need as many short songs as possible to help our students succeed. Composers have been diligently working hard to create short songs for piano students to learn new material that is easy to do in a few settings. Wendy Steven, ComposeCreate.com has been doing making new songs to share with students. Jennifer Eklund from Piano Pronto has been giving away free songs to help piano teachers succeed. So amazing. Please check these and other resources out. So I wanted to share that I recently created a song called: Can You "C" the Scale, that uses an ascending and descending C scale with fingering to help students learn how to play the C scale.

Take a Moment to Celebrate

Want to take a few minutes to share some recent celebrations in the studio. It's always great to let others know what they are doing well with. Last week I gave an online student a copy of Jurassic Park Theme and at the lesson this week she played the whole song very well. So proud. Also our son memorized his part of a piano trio, that we're trying to put together soon. Today a piano students was able to write out 1, 4 and 5 major chords using sidewalk chalk. He did so well. Plus a voice student, who's a local worship leader, used the lesson time as worship service. That was soothing to our soul. How do you celebrate? What are ways that you encourage your students to succeed to their ultimat

John Williams Movie Piano Solo

In the last month, I've purchased new music books for the piano students. One of the recent "treasures" is John Williams for Beginning Piano Solos, that the students are really loving. Hal Leonard called the book for Beginner, yet it's probably more of a late Elementary or Very Early Intermediate with my students, might be different for your studio. Some of the movies including are The War Horse, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The BFG, E. T., Harry Potter and so many more themes. The students are really loving the songs they are working on. In fact have a student who taught herself how to play the Jurassic Park Theme without my help. All of the songs are written in the key of C, with the accident

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