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What Child Is This

Really love Christmas Carols. Playing and singing Christmas music is my favorite. I can remember as a child, where my family would sit around the piano to sing Christmas music. Whether my Grandma's, Aunt, Dad, Brother and I would play some of our favorite songs whether about Santa or the brith of Jesus. We would have so much fun. Yet as I've said before I really love Carols, which are my favorite.

Here is an arrangement of What Child Is This by Gayle Kowalchyk, who is an incredible musician, one of the creator of Music for Little Mozart series, teacher, clinician. Meet her and her husband, Dr. E. L. Lancaster at an event in our area, where I learned so much. What a blessing.

The arrangement is a gorgeous, lyrical song that is calm and peaceful. The intermediate song has a flowing left hand and using many of the piano keys. She created an introduction that is relaxing and flowing. I'm really looking forward to sharing this song with a student next Christmas. This song is great for church or Christmas community events. They dynamics really tell the story of who the Child is. Exceptional job. Hope you enjoy the song.

Thanks for your support. Blessings and Merry Christmas.

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