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Acting Games

This week I shared on the acting/theater part of our website some of my favorite acting games. Thought I would take a moment to share how some of them work.

One of the games is the Question Game, where people ask questions instead of answering the questions. A topic is decided and the group can only ask questions. For example, the topic might be going to the store to get bacon. One person might say: Where is the bacon? Another person might say: Why are you looking for bacon? What is this bacon made out of? How long has this bacon been here?

The game is so much fun with tons of laughs based on the topics suggested.

The zoo animal game is an improv where 2 different animal cards are picked and those who participate inquire about the new "animal" created. If you picked the tiger and deer card, then the people would describe what the animal might look like, eat, what it does, how to walk, catches prey or other unusual ideas about the animals. Really gets the creative juices going. The possibilities are endless. Again, get ready for tons of laughs.

The stunt double games really allow people to think outside of themselves. A person picks a card and decides who is the actor and who is the stunt double. The actor portrays a "deadly and dangerous" scene, where they will get the double to come and help finish off the scene. The Double "fights" in a good way to get out the "scary" scene: I'm on the phone; That stunts not in my contract; I'm going to the Dentist; You want me to do what? I just got my coffee. The scenarios are endless. Plus the laugh factor goes up way higher than usual.

There are silly Fairy Cards where you can do an interrupting fairy tale. One person starts talking about the Three Little Pigs and not long another person picks a card and says: You're not saying the story correct. The pigs were involved in the witch capturing Hansel and Gretel or Sleeping Beauty really wasn't asleep. Each person keeps picking cards, interrupting the others to tell their story.

These are just some of the fun games I've shared recently. Hope this helps you while you teach acting lessons, whether in person or online. Improv games really help people succeed to their ultimate potential. Hope they help. What are some of your favorite games? Would love to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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