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Summer Idea

As we prepare for the last full month of summer and as Frozen states: Into the Unknown, wanted to share an idea that we're trying as a studio. With all the recent issues in the world, wanted to take a bit of time and work with our voice and piano students on Patriotic music. In fact we're doing a small group event in early August where the voice students will sings America the Beautiful and My Country Tis of Thee, plus we're singing We're All in This Together (High School Musical) and Some Things Never Change (Frozen 2). They have been working on some pirate acting scenes for our acting and voice students. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to share amazing Patriotic music to encourage our students and families in this time. In fact one of our students is going to sing the National Anthem. So proud. Plus the voice students will share two other songs they have been working on. I'm still deciding on an idea for the piano students before school returns.

Even though everything is uncertain, we want to spread a bit of hope and joy to those who attend. Really looking forward to the opportunity. What are some of your ideas? Are you doing virtual or in house camps? Would enjoy hearing what you're doing.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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