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Music Tempo Game

With the recent quarantine, I came across a fun game that was in my computer files for a few years. Finally decided to do something different. The game is a series called Treble Makers, yet this one is based on Tempos and definitions. This week we've been playing the game to help students understand tempos better and so far everyone is loving the game.

Yet to be honest, I can't find the game at, as the internet states the website is not a "good one." I'll try to do more research and see what I can find out.

The point of the game is to help students know the definitions in a fun card game where each person keeps as many cards until they get a Treble Maker. When that happens the student or teacher puts their pile to the side and start over. Whoever has the most cards left wins. It's a fun game that everyone has been enjoying very much. has a staff and music symbol game. We've used the staff game a lot, yet hoping to use the music symbol game next week. Hopefully I can find out what happened to the game and see if I can add it to the site. The game is tons of fun.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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