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New Halloween Song Ideas

Last week I obtained some newer books to our studio. When I get a chance, I'll share more about the books, yet wanted to bring these ideas to your attention as you might be preparing for a Fall Event. Both of the books are from KJOS called Monster Jam (Kristen Allred) and Creatures of the Night (Deborah Brady). I'll share a quick overview of the books, which have so many fun ideas that would be used year round.

Monster Jam is a great Late Elementary Book with some fun artwork that will get students attention. The songs include tunes similar to 50's and 60's Rock, Blues and Groove. Titles include Monsters' Waltz (tons of fun to play), Dracula Getting' Down, March of the Zombies and more. Some of the melodies are in major keys, yet most are in minor keys, that include fun chords. If you're looking for a fun book, check it out.

Creatures of the Night Sky is for Early Intermediate Level, yet the music sound full and fun for anyone playing the piano. Deborah Brady takes ideas from ancient ideas to create marvelous, lyrical melodies, arpeggios and block chords. This is a must have for your studio, perhaps using the music year round. The songs are beautifully created and worth checking out.

Hope this gives you an idea of what to add to your collection of piano books. Very much worth having. What are some of your favorite Halloween type books? Would like to know.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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