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Lead Sheets

If you had asked me 9 1/2 years if I would ever teach lead sheets, I'd think it's possible, yet not sure. Especially since most of the lead sheets I've encountered are bigger and longer songs with various chords. Yet after researching, I came across an easy idea from What a life saver. In fact I recently shared some of the lead sheets last weekend and this week with students responding positively. What a blessing.

The book I purchased recently is called Cob Webster Lead Sheet and I must say that it has made lessons even more fun as students feel like they are succeeding playing a melody in the right hand and basic chords in the left hand. The Cob Webster focuses on 3 sections: Intervals on the Ocean, Skate Park Beat and Big Air Articulation. Each grouping has specific left chord options, which will help students develop the confidence to playing chords in a quick manner. In the past week, students have confessed how easy these lead sheets are. The rhythms include quarter, half, dotted, whole and eighth notes in a way to play melodies fluently. The key signatures are fun keeping some in C Major, yet they mix it ups with C and G minor and G Major. If you looking for a different idea for piano lessons please consider this Digital copy as a part of your collection. I'm anticipating many great things for the students.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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