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Creating YouTube Videos. Perfection Is Not For Me.

Everyday is a learning experience allowing everyone to become who we were created and designed to be. My hope is that everyone becomes who they were intended and destined too become. Please don't miss out on what you called to accomplish.

That being said, I'm learning more about how to create YouTube videos with the time allotted each person has. As as business owner, we have many parts of running a business, yet as a musician, the best way for people to learn about your skills and abilities is through social media. That being said, I need to explain that my YouTubes are not always "perfect", yet they are prepared, rehearsed and of course I give my absolute best. Even if I make small mistakes: missing a note or rhythm. I want to use play skillfully, yet know that I need to let go of the tiniest moments that I might lose focus or perhaps did "new creation" as a dear friend always stated many years ago.

I want to give the absolute best in a video, showing my skills and talents that the Lord has blessed me with. Yes we're artists and professionals, yet we must let go of the perfectionism and focus on giving our best, sharing the gifts we've been blessed with. Most of the YouTubes are for students who are learning how to play a song that they are working on.

Tell me your thoughts about the topic. Would enjoy hearing. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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