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America, The Beautiful by Melody Bober

This week I had a chance to obtain a copy of one of my many favorite Patriotic songs, which includes America the Beautiful. This arrangement by Melody Bober is for late intermediate piano solo, filled with intense dynamics, taking a gorgeous melody and creating accentuated extra melodies to the song, that are breathtaking. The beginning starts out like a chant, yet almost have a bit of chime feel in the treble clef. Melody Bober uses the chorus as an opportunity with fortissimo, really allows the musician a chance to play powerful chords throughout these measures. Even at the end of the song, she has the treble clef play a rocking pattern back and forth and the left hand plays a part the melody. My personal opinion is the finale is the best.

I'm really glad to find this arrangement from FJH Music and especially as we prepare for Memorial Day. This song celebrates those who have sacrificed their lives for us. Hope this solo inspires and encourages you this week, as we enjoy time with family and friends. Yet creates a moment reflect and celebrate those we have lost. What are some of your favorite patriotic songs you like to play or teach?

Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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