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Beauty and the Beast 30th Anniversary

One Friday our family had a chance to watch the live show of a beloved Disney Classic. This event includes part animation and live actors, which was done very well. If you haven't seen this amazing work, you can find it on Disney+. The star studded event includes Josh Grobin as the Beast, H.E.R. as Belle, Shania Twain as Mrs Potts, Martin Short as Lumiere, David Allen Grier as Cogsworth, hosted by Rita Moreno and so many more cast members.

While watching the event, I was so impressed by the costuming, sets and my favorite part were the backdrops that were black and white, while the cast wear colorful costumes during. the opening member of the Belle song. I want to learn how they created such amazing backdrops that appeared animated and so lifelike. The Beast costume was outstanding, with mechanics that looked complicated, yet Josh Grobin made the costume look flawless.

Every cast and crew gave their A game, which made the production outstanding. Rita Moreno shared behind the scenes of the original film, which always gets my attention. If you haven't watched this event, please check it out this holiday, you will not be disappointed. Great job to everyone who created this fun event.

If you had a chance to watch this live and animated event, what was your favorite parts? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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