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Celebrating Veterans

Today is a special day, celebrating those who have served our country in the past. As we reflect upon all their sacrifices to make our lives safer, wanted to share a video of a famous song from the middle 1950's called Let There Be Peace on Earth. The song shares a message of living in peace amidst all of our differences, where it comes back full circle that it begins in me.

This song was created by a song writing couple Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, as they had a gathering in California in the middle 50's with young people from various races, cultures, religious backgrounds. The story goes that the young people were singing around the camp fire, while linking their arms together, sharing songs of peace. The couple put their experience to song lyrics and a melody that has been sung and played by various musicians. We all want to live in a world where hope, faith, love and peace are prominent, available in all situations. I hope that everyone, including our Veterans know how much we appreciate you.

Thanks is just the beginning. So I hope you enjoy this arrangement by Michael Braz. What all Veterans have done is beyond comprehension of their sacrifices. Keep inspiring and help us live in peace and let it begin with me.


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