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Christmas Rhythm Dictation

Came across a fun way to teach We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Found the idea on Jennifer Fink shared a great idea of having the students figure out the rhythm with Santa boot and reindeer footprints. The idea is genius, where the students can try on their own or with help to figure out the quarter (Santa's boot) and eighth note(reindeer tracks). This week, I've been sharing with the students this week. They are really enjoying it.

Have the students color the rhythms that match the words, while you speak to them about quarter and eighth notes. The kids really enjoy learning the rhythm. Once the have the correct rhythm, the have them play it with a small drum, boomwhackers, sleigh bells or any other type of instrument you have around the studio or house. Then after that find an arrangement of We Wish You a Merry Christmas on the piano. You will need to look online or use the copies you have. I've been using a copy from Susan Paradis. It makes the students feel like they are succeeding. So proud.

Jennifer Fink also has Upon the House Top too. I've added the image to the blog also.

Hope this helps your students have fun learning a great Christmas song. Thanks for your support.


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