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Erik Satie Gymnopedies Number 1

I have to admit that I had not heard of Erik Satie until the last 3 months. A student of mine shared about wanting to learn the song Gymnopedies and I was so impressed by the way the song was written. I did some quick research from a children's book called Strange Mr Satie, by M. T Anderson, which shares about his life choices of not bathing, wearing the same type of colored clothes, severe anger issues, hording and clutter. Plus while he studied music at school, he was kicked out for not "adhering" to some of the ways of composing. The professors were wanting him to learn from past musicians, yet he decided to not follow the past composers ideas. He wanted to be different. His music is very diverse, yet he was trying new ways to write piano music. He did go back to school and was willing to listen to the professors and accommodate to their ways. After he graduated in his early forties from school, he continued to compose music and more operas. Satie's music is unusual, yet that is how he change the direction of music.

This example is the first of the Gymnopedies, which I hope to look at the other two when I get a chance. What can you share about Erik Satie? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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