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Getting closer to the Finish Line

The past two weeks have been a bit busy preparing for an Oceans Summer Project for our personal students and working on another music theater camp of Charlie and Chocolate Factory. This is why I haven't been able to blog for two weeks. There is still more to do for the last minute touches, yet I know that everything will be great. Need to get the program created and shared with parents. Make sure everyone who is acting has a costume option, that the voice and piano students are prepared with their music, contact those doing sound and PowerPoints, plus more. Yet I'm so proud of all the students and their hard work this summer.

In regards to the Charlie camp, need to reach out to all those who are participating, work on lines, choreography, contact the place we'll have the performance at, getting more costumes and sharing about the camp. Yet I'm really excited about this camp and praying all goes well. Always remember that the finish line is just ahead with all that you are working on. Yet in the meantime, want to encourage you and I to keep working and doing our part, enjoying the process and trusting God with the rest. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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