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New Piano Songs by Tom Gerou and Scott Price

Tom Gerou came to our town several weeks ago, yet I wasn't able to attend the seminar at a local music store. A couple of weeks after the seminar I went to the music store and found some great new music from Tom Gerou. Wanted to share two new songs for now that I'm excited to teach soon. This is his website:

The first song is called Centipede Shoes by Scott Price, which is an Elementary Piano song that uses Black Keys above, by, and above Middle C in the left hand, while the right-hand plays only Middle C and D above it. The entire song is staccato and mp, mf and f. I believe this song will be a hit for my students. Great job Mr. Price. I'm curious what else you have created.

The second song is called Square Wheels by Tom Geruo. My absolute favorite part is the Secondo duet part uses grace notes, with the entire duet played in the Bass Clef. This duet is in the Blues Progression. LOVE IT. Gerou utilizes staccatos, legato, accidentals to make this piece so much fun to teach Blues. This is an Elementary Level selection, with silly lyrics about the dangers of having square wheels on a bike. Hilarious ideas Mr Gerou. Love it too.

What are some new songs you've obtained that you're excited to play or teach? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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