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Nutcracker Rhythm Cups

The past three weeks have been very busy accompanying for a school and making a video for the concert. I'm so grateful to be back in the classroom. Plus we're getting ready for a Halloween event with our students and of course I'm trying to introduce Christmas music. Haha.

Yet wanted to take a moment to share about something new for Christmas this year that I'm very excited about from Wendy Stevens @ She created cup rhythms to songs from the Nutcracker, including the March, Waltz of the Flowers and Trepak. A few weeks ago she presented a Christmas webinar with new arrangement of Christmas music and the Nutcracker Cup Rhythms. Here is link to cup rhythms, which I'm going to start introducing very soon to the students.

The three songs include 4 levels for students from beginner too late intermediate. The set comes with piano music, the 4 levels of the 3 songs and streaming tracks for each level. I will be starting with the beginner level, yet might add others for our older students. I'm really looking forward to learning more with the Nutcracker Cups. If you like the Nutcracker music, you and your students will love sharing this with an audience. Please considering getting her cup rhythms for Christmas this year. Your students will have tons of fun. What are some of your favorite extra items at your events? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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