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Three New Fall Piano Games

Over the years I've collected a variety of games to help students fulfill their ultimate potential. Yet I'm excited to share three new games to use this Fall and Halloween time.

The first one is from Julie Duda Music Studio: Musical Apple Matching Game. This product is free for a bit, yet will not be soon. This is the Facebook link, yet again not sure how long it's free.

The flash cards include notes from Bass Clef F (below G first line of the Bass Clef) to A (first ledger line of the Treble Clef), plus piano keys. Julie Duda has the musical alphabet with a variety of apple designs. Here's a pic. Actually used the game this week and the student really liked it.

The second game is from Melody Payne, Music for a Lifetime. She creates a a fun game for Halloween or anytime working with students on C-G in the Treble Clef. Students play the example with quarters, half and whole notes and if they get it right they can feed the Monster. I'm really looking forward to sharing this game very soon. Here is the link where you will need to put your name and email so the game will be downloaded for you.

The last game is from Wunderkeys, where students focus on the piano key notes. The matching game gives students three musical alphabet options of what the note could and they have to identify what note actually is. This will be a fun one for those still working on piano keys. Here's the link.

What are some new Fall and Halloween Games you're going to use or what are some of your favorites from the past years? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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