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What Is Your "Soul" Purpose?

Have you seen the movie Soul by Disney and Pixar yet? If not, would encourage you too and if you have, how many times did you watch the film since it's release date? We have watched it three times, seeing and hearing new things that open our eyes to the film. (If I get a chance I want to dive into the music. How invigorating and full of joy, sorrow, life, truth). Soul really sticks with me about inspiring others to become who they were created to be. This is a film that we as people can relate, with self reflection. What is your purpose? What are you born to do? What skills are you exceptional and gifted with? Joe Gardner, the main character pondered the questions, just as we do. He was surrounded by rejections, self-doubt, confusion; even convincing himself his true purpose and spark is playing jazz music for a living. (Which he is exceptional jazz player). Yet was able to watch how teaching is beneficial in this world. He was torn by his desires, thoughts, ideas of becoming a jazz musician and what he soul purpose was.

At the end he states that he doesn't know what he's going to do with his life, yet what he will do is live every moment. He will live in the mundane, "boring", confusing, difficult days, just as the days that he's in the spot light, seeing the "fruits" of labor. He will look at life in a different way, enjoying every day living: walking, watching the leaves change colors, looking to the sky, breathing the air. He will live each moment. My desire is to inspire others to do the same, yet also reflect on "living" daily.

I hope that this short blog gives insight to where we are as people, even for me to take a moment to make sure that I'm living and doing what I'm good at: living each day. Yet helping others succeed to their ultimate potential. Let's not miss out on what we're good at, yet also "live" each moment well. Would like to know your thoughts. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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