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Piano Grand Staff Go Fish

So this week I introduced a version of Go Fish that uses the Treble and Bass Clef to help students to recognize notes better. Everyone had tons of fun. It's very basic. The student(s) get 5 cards and ask a person if they have a note in their hand. If they ask for Middle C, other student hands them the card. If not, then the student tells the other student to Go Fish and they draw a card. The game was tons of fun this week. Everyone really enjoyed it so much that they laughed and learned at the same time.

I'm trying to find the person who created the game to see if I can share on the website. Can't seem to find the game on their website. If I do, I'll see if I can attach the game.

If not, you can use flash cards what you have several of each note. If you're not playing this game, check it out. Very fun.

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