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Heroes and Villains Event

When it comes to creating some fun Halloween and Fall Events, think about some of the famous heroes and villains. Whether you're thinking Disney cartoons, Avengers, Super Heroes (old and new), even famous people from literature. Whether you are thinking of the main characters from The Lord of the Rings, Trolls, A Wrinkle in Time, The Wizard of Oz and many other protagonist and antagonist who have been created by amazing minds. Heroes and Villains are everywhere, making us stop and think about what type of people we want to be.

This weekend our students will be sharing some of their favorite heroes like Spider Man, Super Mario, Paw Patrol, James Bond. A vocal student will be singing a fun song called I Want the Good Times Back from The Little Mermaid Broadway as Ursula. The students will play some Halloween favorites (Ghostbusters included) and piano songs about pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, being silly, dressing up in costumes. Each song is selected based on the students talents and abilities. Our vocal and acting students will perform scenes from The Wizard of Oz. Can't wait to play the Witch and the Lion in a couple beginning scenes. So excited about the opportunity to help the students succeed.

Also we'll be doing cup rhythms to the Adam's Family Theme Song.

What are you creating this fall? Would love to know what you're doing. Whatever you're doing, always have fun and use not only your creativity, utilize the creative and talents from your parents and students, those in you community. Hope you have a great Fall Event.

Thanks for your time. Have a great day.

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