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Connect the Chord (Scrabble Chord Game)

I'm always looking for new ways to help students succeed to their ultimate potential. Especially when it comes to chords. I came across this game a few years and finally printed it off earlier this year.

The game is called Connect the Chord on Jennifer Fink shared an amazing way to learn chords that are so helpful and fun where teaching chords. it's just like scrabble, yet you create chords. One of the students decided he wanted to create as many 13th chords as possible, even though we haven't talked about it much. He put as many notes on the scrabble board and when it found others, he created 13th chords. Not sure if I created a "monster", yet he was inspired to try it.

Look up for the game to print off and laminate it. Your students will have tons of fun trying new chords, even ones perhaps you haven't shared just yet. I'm always trying to find as many ways to help them succeed. Thanks to the amazing teachers who create games beyond imagination.

Thanks for your support.

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