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Rhythm Cups

One of my many favorite rhythm concepts is rhythm cups, created by Wendy Stevens at The concept started with Rich Mullen's Screen Door on a Submarine, where he and his band sang a song while demonstrating rhythms with solo cups. Check out the YouTube of them doing it. Watching them is tons of fun. Of course the same rhythm pattern was introduced with the explosion of Pitch Perfect, a girls acapella group that sings pop songs, utilizing solo cups. Cup rhythms have taken off in such a great day. If you are not using them for your lessons, please check out

Today I want to share about the Christmas options that are on Wendy Stevens website. Last year our studio did a version of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, where everyone did the rhythms around a grand piano. Everyone did very well. You can look up a previous bog about it.

This year we're doing We Three Kings or as Wendy calls it Camel and Cups. The pattern is the same for four measures, yet the music has diversity which sounds intrinsic, almost mesmerizing. Really love the style of a famous Christmas Carol. In the middle of the song, those who participate shake the cups to make it sound like a camel is moving around. What a creative idea. Exceptional job Wendy.

Rhythm Cups are such a great musical concept for any age, no matter what. The activities are amazing and filled with excitement. So if you're looking for an easy way to get the audience involved in your Christmas/Holiday event, please consider this as an option. Simple, yet exciting.

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