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We Wish You a Merry Christmas Robert D. Vandall

Depending on your ideals of listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving or after it has always been a debate. Here at Potentials Music, I start thinking about ideas in the summer time and usually try to make decisions about Christmas music for the students to learn in early October. Even though we're doing a fun event in October, Christmas music is being distributed about that time.

Of course I really like all types of Christmas music, traditional and contemporary. Yet I wanted to share with one of my favorite arrangements of a classic Christmas song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Robert D. Vandall created a unique way that really get the audiences attention. They will be impressed by the character of the piece. He took the melody, utilizing major and minor tones, creative intervals, dynamics and crossing hands (a favorite technique of mine). Really love to teach students about crossing hands and the students really enjoy learning a new way to play piano.

Robert D. Vandall, although you are missed by all who knew you personally and those who play your music, know that it's a great reminder that his work continues to make a difference in today's world that needs hope, love and kindness.

This arrangement available in Christmas Extravaganza, Book 1 9 Early Intermediate Arrangements in a Variety of Styles, through Alfred. Really love this song. It's become one that would like to see my students learn, as they dance through this song with the tempo and a 3/4 time signature. Definitely check out this fun arrangement for your students this Christmas or to learn and share with those in your community. They will be impressed by the musicality of the piece. Thanks for your support.

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