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We Three Kings (Camel and Cups)

I keep talking about the amazing ideas of cup rhythms and how they are changing how teachers explain and communicate rhythm. I'm such a huge fan of cup rhythms. Thanks Wendy Stevens at Her website is filled with amazing music, teaching techniques, inspiration to help a studio succeed. Always enjoy seeing what she is working on.

This upcoming Christmas our studio will be sharing one of my many favorite Christmas Carols, We Three Kings, using cups. She took the carol and created her own perspective and ideas of making it song sound so diverse. Way to go. The use of accidentals, combining different musical tones to create a melody beyond imagination. The D minor tonal key signature, although it's not even mentioned, presents music that is creative, flowing, interesting and certainly will get the attention of those participating. You will certainly enjoy hearing a fresh idea of such a great Carol.

The rhythm patter is simple with table and taps that repeat over and over. In the middle of the piece, those who participate will shake the cup to sound like a drum roll. To me, it sounds like camels clomping towards their destination to see Jesus, as the Wise Men bring their gifts of worship.

If you are looking for way to get you audience involved, check it out. Everyone will enjoy the memory of being a part of your studio event. You will not be disappointed. I'm sharing a YouTube demonstration for you to see what it looks and sounds like. Tons of fun. Hope you are able to utilize the simple concept, that will bring smiles and fun to Christmas Events.

Again thanks for you support. We're so blessed to have you in our community.

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