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Watching Frozen 2

On Friday the family went to see Frozen 2, a first time to see a movie in the theater in a long time. We had tons of fun watching the film; enjoying the animation, magnificent music, even watching to the very end with the credits. Olaf is so funny.

The characters have "changed", "grown up", as they settle into life, hoping that life will stay the same. Elsa is concerned that life will not be the same, Anna isn't sure about her relationship with Christoff and even Olaf is "maturing" and noticing the darkness of life and not always seeing the silver lining. There are big changes for each of the characters, yet I don't want to spoil the film if you haven't seen it. The adventure reveals the truth of Elsa and Anna's past, with her family, especially with their mom.

Yet what happened after the film is with our son, who said that he didn't really like the movie. We talked about the film throughout the entire day. He wanted answers to why would they leave their home to learn about their ancestors, why were some of their ancestors unkind, why were the two groups left in the forest? Of course he had more questions. This was encouraging to my wife and I as we tried to share what we learned. My wife stated how great it is that our son would ask so many questions. She admitted that she didn't like the first film yet enjoyed the second film and now wants to watch the first one again and perhaps purchase the films.

So the blog today isn't music or acting related, yet what stuck with me is the fact that our son was so curious and filled with questions about a movie. We may not have known every answer, yet we tried to provide as much information to him as possible. How grateful we are to have such an inquisitive child. What do you do when you don't have to have the answers. Seek, ask an expert and pray.

As a side note, our son wants to see the movie again, now that he has a bit more clarity of the films direction. We so blessed. Thanks for your time and support.

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