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Learning to Play Happy Birthday

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One of the teachers I do some accompanying this year stated that she thinks here choir needs to sings Happy Birthday in harmony. That inspired me after almost 9 years of teaching and owning the business, that my piano students need to learn how to play the popular song because everyone knows someone who has a birthday in their life. So why not teach them. The past couple weeks have been fun to share such a popular song. In fact some of the students have stated that they have always wanted to learn. Over the years I've collected songs from Carol Matz, Jennifer Eklund, James King III, Gilbert DeBenedetti (a black key arrangement), Plus I've collected a few more crazier arrangements of this song. In fact on is called Happy Birthday Beethoven, that takes favorite of his classics and puts the melody of Happy Birthday to it.

If you're interested in any of these arrangements, please check out their websites. If you have a really fun version I didn't suggest, please let me know. Would certainly love hearing what you've collected.

Happy Birthday has such a great story of the Hill sisters who used words from Good Morning to All, a popular song from 1893. I want to learn more about it.

I would encourage you to learn and share as many versions of Happy Birthday. Think it will take your studio to an exciting new level. Thanks for your support.

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