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Candy Land Piano Game

Many years ago I came across the idea of using the game board of Candy Land through The idea takes the original game and adds notes on the Grand Staff, piano keys and a few basic music theory concepts of dynamics and clefs. What an amazing idea. If you're not using it in your studio, please check out it. Games boards are available at Target and they are usually have a great deal.

The classic game of reaching to King Kandy's Castle, with the colorful rectangles, Nana's Nut House, Frost Palace, Peppermint Forest and few other places really brings out the child in you.

When you go to Laytons website, find the game, print off the game cards on colorful card stock. Laminating always helps. (Although I didn't at the time). You can either write the musical alphabet on the board game or we have a foam dice to roll. Draw a card, name the appropriate note or music theory concept and move ahead based on the root. She provided three different options: piano keys, Bass C (2nd space)-Treble G (2nd line) or low Bass C on the ledger line to Treble High C above the staff. We're using the last option and the piano keys.

Everyone who plays has tons of fun playing a familiar game with a great piano twist. You can play this game anytime of the year, especially with holidays that have candy or perhaps at a group class. I want to try it this year. What are some of your favorite board

games that are "traditional" you played as a kid and they are turned into a fun music game? We like Sorry and Chutes and Ladders. These games are aways requested. The goal is to make music fun, so why not try a game you know and make it into a teaching game to help your students succeed. You will certainly enjoy the time helping the students understand staff and piano keys. Plus it's always fun.

Thanks for your support.

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