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Online Game Ideas

With all of the uncertainties in life now, for those of us who teach lessons, this is a time to learn more about how to teach online. I've done some lessons using Skype and FB Messenger in the past 9 years. They have done well for what we need. Yet I've also heard more about Zoom lately. When I get a chance, I want to check it out.

What I want to share are about amazing piano teachers who have been doing lessons online and where to find information about it.

There are so many game options from, where Wendy Stevens shares great ideas to check out. Her blog about 5 Long Distance Piano Games is the best. In fact, had a few chances to do some of these ideas. You can check out Joey Lieber's website and on FB, where he posts tons of great ideas for improv. Carol Matz and Carol Watson have been sharing creative ideas to help students succeed for online lessons.

What are you trying to do in these times? Give your best and of course, use your talents and gifts to help others succeed to their ultimate potential. Thanks for your support.

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