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The Chocolate Song

Within the nine years of teaching piano lessons through our studio, I've always been blessed to find "easier" songs to help that succeed. Some of them may not be familiar songs, yet have a fun tune to play and listen too.

One of the songs has been The Chocolate Song by Martha Mier. First off the cover has great artwork with a chocolate milk shake, cookie, cake, pie, ice cream all having a party with dancing. Really love the lively colored art. So amazing. The yummy song is in the C position and uses 3/4 time signature. The melody is repeated separately in the right and left hand, in an ascending and descending manner; yet also attempts to sneak some fun 2nd's that are easy to identify in the song.

Of course the highlight of the song would be the delicious chocolate desserts used in the lyrics that would make anyone go into a "sugar coma", still wanting more. Or is that just me? LOL. Even the way the word chocolate is written is a bit silly, as Mier's divides the words into choc-o-late (again using 3/4 time). My favorite part is having the students read the words, which is great for literacy and we'll count it. The ending phrase states "Just give me chocolate wherever I go, and I'll be happy 'cause I love it so!" The song is for every chocolate lover as they celebrate a special dessert. If you have not found this song from Alfred, go ahead, get a copy. Plus it comes with a teacher duet, which gives a fun waltz feel.

Thanks for your support and if you need a piece of chocolate in this time, go ahead. Just promise no "sugar comas". Lol. Blessings to everyone.

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