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What a Friend We Have In Jesus

Growing up in a small Baptist Church, hymns were so prominent in the services. I was the one who shared more "modern worship" when I was there. Yet I can say that recently I've been working on some hymn arrangements that have been ministering to me. This song by Charles C. Converse and this one is arranged by Sarah Reaser O'Brien, from Piano Pronto.

The melody is so gorgeous, filled with musical surprises that will keep the listener engaged through the entire song. The song starts out with the familiar melody, yet it filled with chords that are not part of the keys of F and G. I always like when a composer adds different tones and chords that are not part of the key signature. That always gets my attention. The dynamics are over the top in a great way, which is another plus for me, since I love to work with students on dynamics in their music. The selection also has an ascending F scale that goes very fast with 32 notes. Once you get the scale from Middle C to a high C (C6),

you will feel like an virtuous. The key change really gets the performer and the audience attention, again with different dynamics.

The piece is so serene, calming and still filled with excitement. If you are looking for a relaxing song in this time, please check it out. Very much worth having this selection for you or your late intermediate and early advanced students. This song could be used for church, performances or at home to relax with.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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