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Chord Game Worksheet

One of the recent games we've been doing is a chord worksheet that students are enjoying. I'm not sure where I found the game, yet it has been helpful in this time. When I figure it out where I found it, I'll let you know. I love the set up the of board game with the colorful monsters on it. The students appear to like it too.

How we play is we pick a major or minor chord and we'll need legos, beads, small candy or whatever they happen to have around. Once we figure out the notes of the chord, we put the 3 objects on the game board. Then we show each other what we have created. This is an easy assessment game to see what they know. The other focus is to create inversions of the chords. That is one of my focuses when learning chords, finding what is closest to the previous chord.

If you're looking for something fun to do, that is easy to print off and share, then consider this chord game as an option. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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