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Face Flashback Cards

I'm always trying to find new ways to help piano students know the notes on the staff well. Board and card games are favorites with our students. They enjoy the opportunity to play a fun game where they are learning. Mostly they like to win and tell me all about it. Yet I have a game that I've used before and while looking for easy ideas to parents to print off, I found the Face Flashback Cards.

To find this funny emoji face game, you need to find the website: colorfulkeys. You will need to print off the game pieces of the notes from Bass G (4th space) to Treble G (2nd line). Currently I've been playing the game where I show the students the staff note and they have to figure out what the note is. Then I show them the face and they have to make the face on the back of the card. Then I find the card that matches the musical alphabet and they have to show me that face too. Thanks for your support.

Yet colorfulkeys use these types of games:

Memory - 1/2 players


Face Flashback

Place all cards face down on a table. Turn over 2 cards at a time, trying to match pairs. If you get a pair remove them from the table. Continue until all cards are paired off.

Snap- 2 players

Divide the cards between the players and place in two piles in the middle of the table. Each player turns over 1 card from the top of their pile into the centre. If the two cards are the same, the first player to place their hand on top of them and say “SNAP!” adds all the cards in the centre to their pile. The winner is the one to collect all the cards, or the player with the most cards at the end of an allotted time.

Go Fish - 2 players

Deal out 4 cards each player, place the rest in a pile in the center. If a player has any matching pairs they should place them to the side and draw more to replace them. You, of course, do the same. When there are no more initial matches to be found, players ask for a matching card, if the other player has that card they should hand it over, if they don’t they say, “Go Fish”, and the other player draws a card from the deck. Play continues until all cards in one player’s hand are paired.

Enjoy this fun game.

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