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Beware the Jabberwock

Recently I became a bit obsessed with the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Ok passionate, to the point that I read a Who Was Lewis Carroll kids book and even read the first book. What a crazy ride. Perhaps I'll share more of the ideas soon. Yet I wanted to share with you a recent book I came across at our local music store.

Jason Sifford, a jazz pianists, teacher and composer for Willis Music and FJH Composing, created original songs based on the book, for an intermediate piano student. And may I say that the original music he created is fantastic. The songs are filled with diverse styles of music that will get anyone attention. The sounds are amazing and the line up is incredible. The music is published by Willis Music and their quote explains it the idea in just tow sentence:

Allow imagination to take flight with these piano solos by Jason Sifford! Pretend you're performing at the Mad Hatter's tea party, at a concert for the Queen of Hearts, or perhaps galumphing through a mysterious forest. Includes performance notes.

I want to continue to explore this book more, really anticipating sharing the songs with the students here. Think it will open their minds to new styles of music. When I get a chance, I want to share more about the book, yet definitely check the book out as an option for your studio. Your intermediate students might be inspired to try new music.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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