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More Music and Games

Just wanted to share that I've added more music and games to the website. The arrangements are two movie songs: Everything Is Awesome, from the Lego Movie and All is Found, from Frozen 2. The easy arrangements are great for those learning about syncopated rhythms. Definitely check those out. Two other songs are early jazz sung by Frank Sinatra: Nice and Easy and You Make Me Feel so Young, plus an arrangement of Come Sail Away (Styx). The songs are easy to play using beginner chords of root and fifth in the bass clef. Hopefully they will help your students succeed, learning different styles of music.

The extra games consist of card games with intervals; high/low/up/down; basketball images; basketball what's missing rhythms; what's missing rhythms and a few more fun games. Please check them out. Hope they help your students feel confident as a voice and piano student. What have you been working on or creating? Are they ways Potentials Music could help your students and studio. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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