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Card Games

In the past month I've obtained some fun card games that have been beneficial for in house and online lessons. The students are really enjoying the playing the games.

The first is call Note Nabber, presented by KJOS and Three Cranky Women company, has colorful flash cards that are appealing to the eye. At this point I'm only playing with the staff cards, haven't been able to use the extra composer cards. Each person who plays gets seven cards and the goal is to get A-G on the Grand Staff. It doesn't matter where the notes are located on the staff. At the students turn they pick a card and decide if they want to keep the card for the A-G or not. If they keep the drawn card, then they will discard a card they don't want. The next person sees if they want the card discarded or chose another card from the deck. Again the winner must have A-G to win. The students who have played the game really enjoy a new way to make sure they know their notes well.

The second game is called Wacky Walter (also through KJOS and the Three Crank Women), a note reading game for all students all ages. The large flash cards have notes on the Grand Staff that spell out words. On the other side of the card is the answer. I've actually used these cards more with my online students and they are really doing very well. What a great way to help students know their notes and work on reading skills. Always so much fun.

If you're looking for some fun ideas to help students succeed, please consider these games as an option. Check with your local music store or KJOS. You can show students how fun card games are and they are learning. What a blessing.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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