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Trying Something New

In the last month I've been trying some new curriculums that I believe have been very beneficial for our students. When I first started teaching lessons, I used the materials I had or what was recommended, yet I'm at a place where I'm learning about various piano books that bring that spark back even more. Not that I've lost the spark, yet the new books are showing me various ways to help the students succeed.

The first set of books is from Piano Pronto called Roadtrip Volumes 1 and 2. The short songs created by Jennifer Eklund and Kris Skaletski take a person on a journey around the states, to various places or ideas that might happen while on a road trip or vacation. From Beep Beep Beep about driving in a car to the lake, I See Cars, Lemonade Stand at a Country Carnival and Hayride Hoedown on the farm, plus other songs. Right now the most popular song is Chicken Coop Cha Cha in Volume 2. The students are really enjoying these one page songs that contain 12-16 measures. The repetition is the best for beginner students or helping them know a small amount of notes and rhythms at the same time. These books are the best. My kids are really loving these books. Please check them out at You will not be disappointed.

The next book that I'm trying is from, called Land of the Middle Seas and Piano Method Level 2. I will be started level 1 very soon with a student. The material is created by Daniel McFarlane, an amazing composer and musician in Australia. His music very popular in our studio. Students are begging for more of his songs. These books begin with a C position, yet they are going to be all over the place. The songs are tons of fun with only 1 or 2 pages. Great for busy students who can learn songs quickly. I'm really excited to learn more about these books, that I know other students will enjoy.

The last series is the Lang Lang series through Faber Music. I've been using this series with my son and three other students who are really enjoying the short songs, yet having a variety of different hand positions of C, G and A minor. At this point I've only done book 1 and 2, which is so easy to play, once a student understands the hand positions. I will confess that I'm not a big "hand position" teacher, yet this book is simple enough to help students in house or online.

If you are looking for new books, please consider these books as an option. You will certainly enjoy trying something new. Are you trying new books or ideas that are a helping you and the students learn? Would love to know.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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