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The Nightmare Before Christmas Music

If you know anything about me I'm not a fan of horror movies. I can't watch movies that are supposed to "scare" us on purpose. Over the years people our communities have expressed both extremes of movies. I don't need someone to create more "fear" in our lives. I will also admit that I didn't know much about Disney's and Tim Burton's movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The music is catchy, yet I just couldn't get into the film over the years, until this year.

Our acting and voice students shared their excitement about the movie, yet I was uncertain, until I really watched it. Plus watching about a documentary about a gentlemen who collects props for a living, especially for Disney movies. The Doc is called Prop Culture hosted by Dan Lanigan, a prop collector who looks for rare items used in films. When he shared about the Nightmare Before. Christmas, I became facinated by the discovers made in the show. I knew that our studio needed to take a risk and learn music from such a great show.

During the process of this time, I had some students who wanted to learn how to play songs from the show, yet what I have is a bit big for our early elementary students. So I decided to create a short arrangement for the students who wanting to learn the song. Perhaps you are looking for a short Halloween song that will help your students feel and experience success. I hope it helps you students be confident to play a popular Halloween song. Just go to the piano sheet music for a free pdf. Do you make arrangements that you might not have access to the music from? If so, what have you created? Would enjoy knowing.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.