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50's and 60's Piano Songs

The past few weeks I had a chance to start working on some of the 50's and 60's Rock and Roll songs for a Summer Project. I'm really energized about this camp, which will provide opportunities for students to play songs that will be fun for everyone to play and listen too. Here are some of the songs so far. All of these songs are from Faber's Rock 'n Roll series.

Sufrin' Safari is from Level 1 by The Beach Boys, created with a simple melody that is a 5 finger melody concept. The song is very repetitive with quarter, half and whole notes, plus at the end students play 2 notes together. This is a great song to have beginner students learn.

Wipe Out is one of my favorite 60's songs and this arrangement is amazing to play and teach from Chord Time 2B. With 5ths in the Bass Clef, inlcuding lower G and D and C and G.The Faber's include eighth note, accidentals and pedaling on the second page. This song is worth checking out.

Another favorite is Rockin' Robin, performed by Bobby Day. The energitic arrangment from Level 1, incorporates quarter, half and eighth notes. Plus a fun teacher duet. There are two note chords in the Bass Clef, with 2 or 3 note chords in the Treble Clef. They include accidentals in the song too.

Again I'm energized about this Summer Project for our studio. What are you doing this summer? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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