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A Cover Is Not a Book

Over the past year I've become more of a Mary Poppin's fan, from the books to the Disney films. Love the story lines, actors, sets, costuming, props, the cartoon sequences and of course I love the music. The Sherman Brothers really outdid themselves with such popular music in the original film and with the one in 2018. The music really gets me moving.

A student shared her desire to learn A Cover Is Not a Book, with lyrics from the stories based on Pamela Traver's popular series Mary Poppins. The stories are a bit odd, yet make their points. After trying to figure out the best option of the song, this week I had a chance to create a beginner two page selection of the chorus that I hope you will enjoy. Instead of doing 6/8 time, I used 3/4, which still keeps the song moving with energy and fun. I hope that you enjoy this selection. I'm excited to add this song to the collection of other arrangements. Just look for the piano sheet music link to the movie piano music. Hope this song helps your student want to play more. When I get a chance, I'll be creating a YouTube.

What are you creating for your students? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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