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American Festival (A Medley) Piano Solo

In honor of July 4th, wanted to share a creative piano solo by Catherine Rollini, where she incorporates various American songs. She starts with the Marine Hymn, with arpeggios in the left hand, while the right hand is using legatos and staccatos. The next section is The Stars and Stripes, where the left hand reaches over the right hand to play more arpeggios. What a great technique to teacn and. play. Plus she modulates the key from G to F. The next section is the Caisson Song that utilizes dotted eighth and sixteenth note rhythms and another key change to C. Then a surprise selection of Camptown Races in the key of G with the left hand over the right, while playing staccatos. The last partt of the song is the Coda or finale of the Marine Hymn, creating a dramatic ending. This song is totally worth learning and teaching. Hope you enjoy the YouTube.

Whatt are some Patriotic Songs you teach or like to play duirng July 4th? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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