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Announcing Summer Camps

Just wanted to share about the upcoming Music Theater Camps happening. I'm really anticipating an amazing turn out this year. This summer we'll be doing two one week camps of music from Encanto and a 50's and 60's camp to honor American Band Stand. The Encanto camp focuses only on the music and South American dances. Hopefully we can create some great costumes. The Rock, Roll and Remember is a medley of music from the 50's-90's. Although we're going to focus just on the 50's and 60's, hopefully including costuming. Would like to integrate other songs too, if time allows.

Plus we're offering two one day camps of Snow White Lite (basically the entire story in about 20 minutes) and Pirate Comedy Skits. If you or know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know. The information is soon the flier. If you can share, that would be great. Thanks for your support.


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