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Arioso by Johann Sebastian Bach

Many weeks ago I started learning how to play this beautiful song by Bach that is so emotional. This solo piece transcribed by Max Pirani, is gorgeous, flowing, filled with hope and life. I'm so grateful to learn this song. Yet I'm dedicating this song to my Grandma who would have turned 93 today. I miss her so much everyday. Yet I know that I will see her someday.

I'm not sure if she ever heard this song or liked Bach, yet I believe she would have felt such peace hearing this breath-taking piano solo. The eighth note is the beat, yet he wrote in many sixteenth and thirty-second notes. The main melody is played through out the entire song, filling the room with peace, The arpeggios are continually evident, which are great for any musician. This song is worth playing as much as possible in this life. Hope you enjoy this selection. What are some of your favorite Bach songs to teach or play? Would certainly like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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