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Ben Solo Theme

This year I've had more students ask for simpler arrangements of Super Heroes and Villain songs. After researching was not able to find as many as I thought would be out available. So I've had a chance to write out an simpler arrangement of the Ben Solo (Kylo Ren)Theme. Keep the arrangement in the same key of G, yet made it easier without the octaves in both hands for smaller hands at this point. You will find the song in the Piano Music Section of the website. Hope it inspires your students to want to play other songs. The melody John Williams wrote is filled with anguish, pain, yet with hope throughout the song that perhaps Kylo Rea will change. If you haven't listened to the song, definitely check it out. You can find the entire song on Worth having in your library. Here is the YouTube of the arrangement I created for the song. I'm currently trying to get some more songs that the levels that our students are at and obviously beyond to help them succeed. What are some of your favorite super hero songs? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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